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Case Results

Client Charged with Grand Theft for Shoplifting at Barney’s, 3 Years Max; Dismissed

People v. P.W. (LAX Courthouse -- April 2016):

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Pre-File: Client Investigated for Felony Sexual Battery – Max 4 Years; Case Dropped

People v. D.R. (LAPD investigation -- March 2016)

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Pre-File: “Andy” Investigated for Misdemeanor Domestic Battery (1 yr. in jail); Result: Case Rejected

People v. A.S. (Investigated by LAPD – March 2016):

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Failure to Register as a Sex Offender (2 years in prison) - reduced to 30 days

People v. W.S. (Los Angeles Superior Court - Norwalk, February 2016)

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Client Charged with First-Degree Attempted Murder in One Case and Sexual Assault & Felony Domestic Violence on Another– Facing Two Life Sentences – Plea: Out in 4.5 Yrs.

People v. M.D. (CCB Courthouse – DTLA – January 2016)

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Client Arrested with 40 Pounds of Meth; Max: 20 Years; Status: Client Missing/Feared Dead

People v. J.M. (Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center: -- 12/15)

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Narcotics Trafficking (5 separate cases) - diversion with dismissal upon successful completion

People v. C.C. (Los Angeles Superior Court - Downtown Criminal Court, November 2015)

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Rape (2 Strikes, 47 years) - misdemeanor only and no jail after jury trial

People v. R.T. (Los Angeles Superior Court - Downtown C.C.B., June 2015)

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DUI with Injury (felony, prison) - negotiated community service only

People v. A.R. (Los Angeles Superior Court - LAX Courthouse, April 2015)

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Burglary (Felony Strike, 6 years in prison) - reduced to Receiving Stolen Property, no jail

People v. J.B. (Los Angeles Superior Court - LAX Courthouse, March 2015)

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