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Conspiracy to Commit Felony (Gambling Syndicate) – Facing 4 Years – Received Only Probation

People v. P.T. (San Fernando Courthouse – November 2020)

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Multiple Counts Domestic Violence – Facing Years in Jail & Loss of License – Dismissed at Trial

People v. M.M. (LAX Airport Courthouse – November 2020)

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Client Arrested for Felony Vandalism – Case Dismissed After Pushing Case to Trial

People v. B.M. (Criminal Courts Bldg., DTLA – September 2020)

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Felon in Possession of Firearm (Prior Strike Conviction, 8 Years) – Dismissed at Prelim. Hearing

People v. O.G. (Inglewood Superior Court – August 2020)

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Client Charged with Robbery (Penal Code § 211) – 9 Years Max. – Received Diversion, No Jail

People v. V.J. (Criminal Courts Bldg., DTLA – January 2020)

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One Count of Attempted (First-Degree) Murder – Potential Life Sentence – Dismissed at Prelim. Hrg.

People v. T.M.: (Inglewood Superior Court – October 2019)

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Robbery (second Strike, 26 years) - reduced to Receiving Stolen Property (no jail, probation or second Strike)

People v. J.C. (Los Angeles Superior Court - Van Nuys, September 2018)

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Child Endangerment (12 years for each client) - Dismissed

People v. P.L. and Z.L. (L.A. Superior Court - Pomona, February 2018)

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Lewd Acts Against a Minor (12 felony counts, 10 years) - Reduced to Unlawful Sex with a Minor, all other charges dismissed

People v. J.G. (Los Angeles Superior Court - LAX Courthouse, February 2018)

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Elder Abuse (7 years and loss of Insurance Broker's License) - Dismissed

People v. I.R. (L.A. Superior Court - Burbank, February 2018)

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