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Military Client Arrested for DUI, Facing Dishonorable Discharge; Result: Military Diversion to be Followed by Full Dismissal

People v. J.N. (San Fernando Courthouse: -- May 2022)

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Federal Drug Trafficking Case – Client Facing Max of Essentially Life -- Overwhelming Evidence; Plea: 6.8 Years (with Good Time Credits) But Maybe 50% in Halfway House

United States of America vs. A.M. (United States District Court – District of Nevada: – May 2022)

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“David” Facing 6 Years in Prison – Possession for Sale; Result: Misdemeanor, No Probation

People v. D.B. (San Fernando Courthouse: 04/22)

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Pre-File: Client Looking at Possible Prison Time for Elder Abuse; Result: Case Dropped

Investigation of C.B. (LA County APS -- April 2022)

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Client Facing 8 Yrs. -- Lewd Acts on Minor; Offer: Reduction to Child Endangerment, 0 Jail

People v. M.C. (Downtown Criminal Courthouse: March 2022)

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Client Facing Life for Attempted Murder; Result: Charge Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing

People v. R.S. (DT Los Angeles Superior Court): March 2022)

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Pre-File: Client Facing Potential Prosecution for Intentionally Transmitting STD & Max. 1 Yr. in Jail; Result: No Charges Filed

Investigation of B.S. (Undisclosed LA County Police Agency -- February 2022)

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Client Facing 4.5 Years in Prison for ADW; Result: Dismissed after Preliminary Hearing

People v. E.V.S. (Compton Superior Courthouse: -- February 2022)

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San Diego PD Arrested Client Based on Vigilante’s Actions for Trying to Meet Up with Minor for Sexual Purposes; Prosecution Declined

Investigation & Arrest of K.D. by San Diego Police Department: Sex Crimes Unit – Dec. 2021)

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Burbank PD Investigated Client for Child Porn Crimes; Result: Case Dropped

Investigation of R.O. by Burbank Police Department: Sex Crimes Unit – Nov. 2021)

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