In a surprising number of criminal cases, Ninaz Saffari has been able to get the charges against her client dismissed either before the case has been referred for prosecution, or even after charges have been filed.

If you somehow learn that you are being investigated for any crime, whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor, but have not yet been charged, you should hire a highly skilled and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney like Ninaz Saffari. Ms. Saffari will immediately do everything in her power to convince the police detective investigating your case to not refer it to the District Attorney’s Office (if it’s a felony case) or the City Attorney’s Office (for misdemeanors) for prosecution.

Or, if charges have already been filed against you, Ms. Saffari will make every possible effort to convince the Assistant D.A. or Assistant C.A. handling your case to drop all charges.

These are known as “Pre-File” cases. The first step is immediately conducting an extensive and comprehensive investigation into all the relevant facts, and to interview all potential witnesses. She often works with a highly reputable private investigator to complete the Pre-File investigation.

If, after completing this investigation, it appears that you are innocent or that the prosecutor otherwise has a weak case, she will put together a Pre-File package for the detective or prosecutor. This package will typically include witness affidavits, all other exculpatory evidence, and perhaps even favorable polygraph (lie detector test) results or a report from an expert witness. If the case has already been referred for prosecution, Ms. Saffari will work tirelessly to convince the detective who referred the case to support your request for dismissal.

Finally, Ms. Saffari will meet as many times as it takes with the detective or prosecutor to push for a dismissal. During the initial meeting, she will lay out all your supporting evidence so that your side of the story can be relayed. At the very least, even if your case is not dismissed, the prosecutor will certainly be made aware that his/her case against you is weak, which, in turn, can result in a highly favorable plea offer.

Since 2005, Ninaz Saffari has successfully negotiated Pre-File dismissals for hundreds of her clients, including on investigations or filed cases on charges as serious as Sexual Battery, felony Domestic Violence, felony Grand Theft, etc. See her Case Results.

If you or a loved one are currently being investigated or prosecuted for a crime, it is critical that you immediately hire a highly skilled, aggressive and experienced Los Angeles County Pre-Filing Dismissal attorney like Ninaz Saffari. Contact the Saffari Law Firm, P.C. now for a free telephone consultation. If Ms. Saffari believes she can help you, she will immediately schedule a free in-person meeting or, if you are in custody, she will visit you in jail (again, for free and with no obligation to hire her).