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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

My Attorney Ninaz Saffari saved my life. I spent most of my life in prison with a criminal record spanning from juvenile to adulthood. I was criminally profiled by the LAPD due to my criminal past for a crime I did not commit. Facing 26 years for a double robbery going through 4 different lawyers all of whom had no backbone, I was referred to Attorney Saffari as a fighter in the court room. I walked out of court a free man due to this attornies hard work and know how. I have trusted my life in the work. Note: first charged with double robbery. Plead out to an Felony receiving stolen property, summary probation, one year in jail time served. I could of won at trial but the deal was good and my family didn’t want a trial.

Kevin F.

Very professional and thorough

Ninaz was able to make me feel comfortable and confident about the legal system and walked me through the possible outcomes of the trial/case. I was a victim of domestic abuse from my spouse and I felt that I needed my own lawyer in advising me through the process of a possible trial. When a subpoena was sent to me she advised me what to do and I felt I could reach her anytime no matter what questions I had for her. Knowing that I had her help and knowledge made me feel secure that I was doing the right thing and I was happy in the end. It is unusual for a victim to seek legal advise but since I did not experience DV anytime in my life, I needed her help to walk me through the legal process. I highly recommend her service. She not only makes you feel comfortable but she is very competent and experienced to pretty much any kind of situation/scenario. I feel very lucky to know her. Thank you Ninaz for all your help!

Addy .

Extraordinary Lawyer!

Our son was charged with extreme charges such as 10 counts of rape and 1 kidnap charge. Ninaz work ethics were beyond imagination, she was very determined and fought for our son's innocence. All her court sessions were amazing, she was very honest and always kept her word. She was also very attentive to our needs as a family as we were going through a very hard time in our lives. Our son was set free after six months of jail time and formal probation including taking classes based on false accusations. We are forever grateful and appreciative of all her hard work, effort and dedication she put towards this case. Thank you Ninaz!


Outstanding lawyer!

Ninaz Saffari was hired for a sexual crime case and was amazing during the whole process and in court! It was for my son so I had no clue what this all would entail. She answered all my phone calls, spent numerous hours on the phone answering any questions I had, to reassure me and advise me of what was going to happen in court and during this whole process. She was courteous, professional and was exciting to watch in court. With her experience, quick wit and strategies that was used in court, she was able to get the charges dropped from long prison time to probation and classes due to proving these were false allegations. If you need a hard-working, professional go getter, she is the perfect lawyer for you. Thank you again Saffari for bringing these boys home!


Simply the best!!!

In 2013 I was charged with two major felonies facing two life sentences. Ninaz was the third lawyer I hired. The other two failed me miserably. She took my case and immediately I felt confident that I would have a fighting chance. She got both cases dropped. 15 in county jail for something I didn't do! Thanks to my guardian angel Ninaz Safari I am a free man today remarried and enjoying a second chance ! Thank you Ninaz for your professional and personal attention you gave me and my family. Corey S.

Corey S.

Overall A+ lawyer

Ninaz made me feel comfortable, I interviewed a few lawyers, and there was no comparison. Here are a few highlights of an overall A+ lawyer. Her depth of knowledge in the fields we needed was spot on. She knows the right people, extremely responsive. Her track record is excellent. I was lucky to work with her!

John .

How to be an amazing Lawyer!

Ninaz was not only a great professional. She understood my problem, she was sensitive and supportive about the process. I couldn't choose better. Every time replying my questions, and making sure everything was on track and ready. I had my case dismissed and was all her job. I recommend her as a professional and person. If you're In trouble youre gonna need a person who can be in you're shoes, to understand you, without judging and being sensitive. I'm an immigrant and you can imagine how difficult can be being alone and unprotected. She's amazing. Thanks Ninaz! I hope I do not need your services again. But just in case I'll keep your contact because you're THE BEST

Claudio .

Grateful I found her!!!

I do not know how to put into words the gratitude I have for Mrs. Shaffari. I was a victim of a violent crime, however, due to a sophisticated suspect and an unconscionable and deficient investigation, I was arrested for that crime. I have worked in law for over 17 years and never thought I would find myself thrown over to the other side of the fence. I was confused, frightened, traumatized and victimized again, and knew I had to find someone who would not only fight for my freedom, but for justice. My first complimentary consultation lasted over 3 hours and Mrs. Shaffari listened intently to every word. I knew from that first meeting, she was the right attorney for me. Mrs. Shaffari has proven herself to be fierce and knowledgeable and the confidence I have with her on my side is invaluable. Mrs. Shaffari is always available and I am constantly amazed when I get a phone call, email or text message from her on the weekends or after hours. I have also spent more the one late night at her office working on my case without ever feeling rushed or burdensome. If you are looking for an attorney who will fight for you and who will fearlessly take on the District Attorney’s Office with impeccable dedication to your case, she is your choice.

Christine .

Ninaz is the Terminatir

If you are in trouble and you are nesd first class representation call Ninaz. I retained her to represent me in a criminal case and she is now my full time counsel. Sharp as a sword, fearless as a lion, beautiful as a lotus flower. A deadly combination.

Jonathan .

Simply Fantastic

I found myself facing one of the most grave arrests I could have ever imagined. Ninaz was never phased by the gravity of the potential charge. I retained her instantly and it was the best thing I could have done. Having never been in this kind of situation before I was disillusioned and thought the system should afford me certain protections. From the onset she showed this combat veteran that this isn't the time to wait for protection and feel sorry for yourself. This is the time to fight for yourself. No matter the circumstance once you are now in the "system" you have to fight the system on its turf. She help me get my mind right. She helped me gather all of the pertinent facts from our side and ensured they got into the hands of the detectives and on to the DA with the police report. Her swift, steady, and bold actions lead to a DA refusal and no charges filed. If it wasn't for her assertiveness, knowledge of the law, and drive to fight I am convinced I would have let them bring the fight to me and then try and defend myself. That would have been a grave mistake and I am sure my ordeal would have been much worse. If you find yourself in need of criminal defense you need to retain Ninaz Saffari as soon as you possibly can. While the process can be lengthy and seem overwhelming time is not on your side. The earlier you get a knowledgeable, respected attorney like Ninaz on your side the better your chances of the most favorable outcome possible given the facts. Ninaz I am forever grateful for what you did for me during what was for me the most horrific situation I could have ever imagined becoming a part of. Thank You!!!

Dan .

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