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This team of awesome lawyer did an amazing job for me when I thought my life was over they helped me to a fair honest case. I must say that k you to Nina safari And mark for really getting it in the judges head I'm a good kid just struggling in life thank you for your help.. Cody

cody .

Brains, Compassion, and Common Sense

I had the honor of accompanying my very close friend to hearings and a two-week trial for her son who was wrongfully accused of a criminal offense. Prior to the trial, Ms Saffari was always available, extremely confident, compassionate, and trust worthy These attributes carried over to her trial work where we were able to witness the true scope of her skills, knowledge, and technique. She is an excellent litigator and a fine human being. I highly recommend Ms. Ninas Saffari should you find yourself in need of an excellent defense attorney.

Dorrie .

Best criminal defense in LA county

When your son is suddenly arrested on felony charges, life turns upside down in an instant. We were completely out of our realm and lost. Finding Ninaz Saffari for criminal defense was a true gift. Ninaz immediately went to work examining the case and preparing for anything the prosecution might present. She developed a defense strategy that ended with a settlement agreement far beyond our expectations after a very long and terrifying trial. I learned that criminal law is messy and complicated at best. There is no level playing field here. You must have the best criminal defense in LA County. We experienced the withholding of evidence, skewing of the facts, and outright cheating and lies. These problems permeated this obviously biased criminal courtroom. Ninaz was brilliant and relentless. She piloted us through very dangerous waters. She has a very strong presence in the courtroom. Her poise, confidence, complete knowledge of the law, this particular case, and her ability to work well with all others in the judicial system is amazing to witness. I recommend Ninaz Saffari without reservation. Anyone requiring criminal defense in the Los Angeles area needs her skills.

Susan .

Your next attorney, dedicated, fearless, and by your side

If you're reading this, you're in trouble! I thought I could handle it myself and researched days, weeks, months only to find a few glimmers of hope to use in my defense. Ninaz found these and more within a few hours of reading my file. She also possess' another rare trait, she is fearless of the prosecution and unafraid to fight for your right to a fair trial. Other attorneys may promise this, however not all are so willing, almost eager to point out when the other side is not exactly playing fair. In my particular case, discovery of a particular report took close to 5 months!!! Ninaz fought for me and my case has been dismissed! Thank you Ninaz and Shouse staff!

anonymous .

Great Lawyer!

Ninaz is highly professional, organized, and talented. She is very personable and easy to talk to, but she will also fight hard for you in court. I was accused of rape and she was a blessing by my side in trial.

Robert .

Service Excellence

Being arrested can be a scary ordeal and finding someone that would understand you and your position is important to a successful trial. Ninaz was very approachable, understanding and put me at ease even at the worst time of the entire situation. If you need someone that is going to go above and beyond; she is someone you can rely on to provide service excellence!

anonymous .

Directive + Bright Timbre = Right Decision

My logic snapped more in place in here presence. Never failing to give her undivided attention to me, she took hold of my concerns and realigned them into practical next steps. Her presence warmly resonated expertise and strong authority. A balance I highly appreciated and respected. I am confident that I made the right decision, evident by her successful direction. An outcome that honored the law with disciplined respect and favor; simultaneously relieving the situation that I was greatly pleased with


The best lawyer in town!!

My bother got charged with sexual battery and she got the case dismissed. She always returned my calls even on evenings and weekends. We always worked on a strategy to help my bother with his case. She was aggressive and determined to get my bother the best solution to his case. Ninaz stood up to the judge and got us the best solution to our problem. She is by far the best lawyer I ever worked with. I will recommend her to everyone.


Truly Above and Beyond...

Being arrested is absolutely horrifying. Period. Mine was an under-the-influence drug charge in California, the circumstances of which were too embarrassing to ask friends or family for assistance. Instead, I took to the internet. For several days I visited many law firm sites, reviewed video clips, and read all the great things that would happen if I chose their services. But I was afraid to make a decision. Too many horror stories of lawyers who would take large retainers and disappear, rarely call people back, not show up for court, etc. I knew that once I made the investment, I wouldn't be able to walk away and hire another. One late night around 10:30 I decided to pick the five I liked the best. I sent emails requesting to be contacted. Just minutes later, Neil from Shouse Law Group called me. I was so impressed with our conversation and, even though I struggled with the thought of going with the very first firm I spoke with, I followed my instinct and went for it. Ninaz was assigned to my case and, in retrospect, my instincts served me well. All of reviews here are totally on point. Ninaz is personable, compassionate, knowledgeable of the law and, probably most important, she knows the turf and those who play on it. Her relentless, aggressive style used when fighting for me paid off and, although I hope that I never have to use her again, I will definitely refer anyone I know looking for a top-notch defense attorney. Thank you so much, Ninaz, and may you have continued success!


Outstanding Attorney!

I would just like to start of by saying the past 3 months were the scariest, most stressful of my life. I don’t want to imagine where I would be right now with out Ms Ninaz Safari. The DA strongly fought for me to serve 6 years in State Prison but Ninaz never gave up on me, even when I did. Her professionalism and determination is flawless and after a few attempts she finally struck a deal. Without her experience and pervious knowledge of the DA and courthouse it would have been a losing battle. Nina got the DA to drop the prison time. My family and I are so thankful to have a strong amazing Attorney on my side.


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