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High Recommendation: Ninaz Saffari

I highly recommend Ninaz Saffari for certain domestic violence matters. Following a heated argument, which became mutually physical, regrettably, the attending officers deemed me as the "Dominant Aggressor" and, to both my partner's and my disbelief, I was arrested for domestic violence. Ms. Saffari spent time with me to take my own statement and provide legal advice. Once hired, Ms. Saffari represented me at a City Attorney Hearing. In addition to being knowledgable and providing excellent legal advice, Ms. Saffari has an excellent demeanor and clearly a gained respect in representation. Again, I would highly recommend her in these types of matters.


An exceptionally experienced attorney

As a parent of and innocently accused son, it was imperative to find an experienced criminal defense attorney. After going through attorney's who were overwhelmed with my son's case, we found Ninaz Saffari at Shouse Law Goup and they were indeed a godsend. This was a totally unexpected and traumatic event in our families lives. I have to say Ninaz was exceptionally polished and professional, my son was facing two life sentences for a crime he did not commit. Ninaz and her team went to work immediately, reviewing my son's case and offering legal options and more specifically, solutions to assist in my son's defense. Ninaz was not only able to effectively defend my son's case, but all charges were dismissed. We as family never felt more relieved and grateful and ecstatic at the same time. I would highly recommend Ninaz, and her assistant Mark Ross and the entire Shouse Law Group to any family in need of experienced, knowledgeable attorney. When you or a loved one don't know who to turn to, I cannot stress enough the necessity of an attorney who can not only assist but genuinely cares for you as a client. She was relentless in work ethic and highly skilled in her legal skills, she is the kind of an attorney who knows how the legal system works and what actions to take to fully defend her clients. As a parent you cannot ask of more than that in a criminal defense attorney, I know she is one of the best! I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of an exceptional criminal defense attorney!

Glenn .

Great lawyer

Ninaz helped me out of very tough situation, and it was her negotiating with the prosecutor which saved me. She was confident and tenacious, was very impressed. The charge was completely dropped thanks to Ninaz. Highly recommended.

James .

Thankful for having found her...

Ms Saffari provided me with excellent advice and counseling throughout the entire year in which she represented me. She was very responsive and provided much more in depth knowledge in the areas of law concerned, as well as showing extensive knowledge of the courts and justice system, which proved critical to my situation. I have no reservations in highly recommending her to anyone I know personally.

anonymous .

Highly Skilled, Knowledgeable and Experienced

Ninaz Saffari is a highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced attorney. She rigorously protected my rights, showed facts that proved my innocence, and the case against me was dismissed. I highly recommend Ninaz Saffari!


A modern Amazon

Ninaz Saffari is one of the best criminal defense lawyers you can find. Not only she has a unique ability to demonstrate the facts as they actually happened but her powerful presence in the courtroom gives a sense of total dominance . She owns the courtroom. She is not afraid to take a case to trial and every time she performs, the audience is mesmerized with her beautiful looks , charming smile and this powerful voice that has the prosecutors praying for the trial to be over. Furthermore I have to add Ninaz Saffari's collaborator/assistant Mark Russ who will be the next big thing in criminal defense lawyers in the state of California. An exceptional young man and attorney. Together Ninaz Saffari and Mark Russ took me under their guidance not only as a client but they gave me a feeling of friendship and hope. They really believed in me. These two people took a case that it was probably a looser and made it victorious. They saved my life . They gave me an opportunity to reestablish myself as an honorable human being and reach my life's full potential. Ninaz Saffari and Mark Russ THANK YOU. I will always be greatful NH


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